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Golden Thumb Parenting Tips 金拇指育兒秘笈[005]

Install Xcode on mac and create an empty runnable app

Xcode is a long term toy we’ll play with. It’s the tool kids use to create stuff. In case you fail to make Xcode work on your mac, leave a comment and I’ll try my best to give you a hand, with my 10+ years of Xcode experience. Trust me, nothing is unsolvable.

Don’t worry if you use PC, the Windows computer, instead of mac at home. We can use Eclipse to do the similar things. Check out the corresponding tutorials in this series.

If your kid is too small or has no experience of using computer, you can install Xcode for her. Otherwise let just let her try and you stay next to her to help when there is a need. The point is, everything we put in this series of parenting guide is easy to follow. You don’t have to be a programmer to start using computer to play fun things together with your kid, immediately.

Make sure the memory is at least 8GB since Xcode is a big tool, yes an easy to use huge tool. Click the top left Apple icon and select About This Mac.

This is my very old MacBook Pro, with 8 GB memory.

We can also check how big your hard disk is by clicking System Report button and select Storage. In my case I have a 500 GB disk and 52 GB free space.

It’s easier to check available disk space in Finder. There is 59.12 GB available shown below. If this value is too small mac may fail to upgrade and/or install Xcode. Then you have to clean up your hard disk to make more room.

If you haven’t upgrade your mac for a long time, you might be asked to upgrade macOS first before you can install Xcode. Simply follow the instruction on screen in that case.

Open the App Store app on your mac and search for “Xcode”. Follow the instruction on screen to install it.

After the installation finishes, launch Xcode and click “Create a new Xcode project”.

Accept the default and click Next button.

Input a product name in the top field. We’ll draw some colour blocks on screen so “Color Blocks” is a reasonable name.

Change User Interface from SwiftUI to Storyboard. Then click Next button to continue.

You can put your project folder anywhere you like. Click Create button and Xcode will create the whole project with default configurations.

You’ll have something like the following.

Click the upper-left button with a black triangle to launch the newly created app inside the default simulator.

Then we see a white screen.

That’s it. Congratulations!

To stop the app from Xcode, click the upper-left button with a black square.

You can see our app “Color Blocks” with the default app icon on the screen.

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