Golden Thumb Parenting Tips [049]

7-year old Lucas is so immersed on his Chess app that his mom has to force him to take a break.

his gorgeous Connect-4 game:

A year later he investigates parabola on paper with straightedge and compass first.

Then he migrates his solution to Xcode.

One thing leads to another. He want to connect his “bowl”. 2020.05.09

Lucas also loves physics problems.

Lucas’s amazing insight — he makes the connection between ellipse and triangle!

He wrote about his newly found solution:
answer point (is) Use a, b, c three lines to make a triangle.

Here is the original contest problem:

Lucas, grade 3, on 2020.05.19, is the only one letting “egg” stand up. He also builds an army.

Like Marius, Lucas also loves the Statue of Liberty.



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