Golden Thumb Parenting Tips [019]

Peter starts coding in grade 4. He’s building a snake game for iPhone, non-stop even on the way to airport.

He loves math challenges so he asks for more.

Coding makes Peter more patient and meticulous.

And he refactors his code like a professional.

In just a few days, Peter creates a playable connect-4 game for iOS independently.

It’s so impressive.

In Nov. 2019, Peter is the winner of Contest01 of 𝜋ℯ𝜁𝝀 Dream Team.

Peter是个狂热的爱猫人士。他学习了 How to draw shapes using programming language Swift 之后,开始对下面这张照片打起了主意:




Peter is a mater of Emoji.

In grade 6, Peter has no problem understand the following calculation of b.

And he goes on to generate a who-knows-what, homework or art work? Peter gets the first parabola in his life.

His ellipse is buried those intersections of circles.

But it’s not difficult for him to spot its outline, manually.

OK, it’s time to add more math.

Peter knows Pythagorean theorem.

So he figures out PM and PN. And he has to simplify, to some extent, the equation with square root sign in his homework.

Peter’s creative way of writing squared and square root:

Peter solves that equation on 2020.05.16 and gets his ellipse in Xcode.



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