Golden Thumb Parenting Tips 金拇指育兒秘笈[006]

If might be a little bit easier for kids to make stuff in Apple’s development environment Xcode. But don’t worry if you have no plan to get a mac any time soon. We’ll use the famous Eclipse on the Windows computer where Xcode cannot be installed. In case you fail to make Eclipse work on your PC, leave a comment and I’ll try my best to give you a hand, with my 10+ years of Eclipse experience. Trust me, nothing is unsolvable.

I’ll use my Windows 7 machine to demo what we can do on a PC. Any Windows computer should work as well.

Here is how I install Java and Eclipse on my Windows machine.

You can skip all the following screenshots of mine if you already get your Eclipse up.

Search “eclipse download”.

Select Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.

Select Windows 64-bit to start downloading.

Click the downloaded zip file at bottom left.

Select Open in folder.

Double click

Click Extract To button.

Click OK button.

Double click eclipse.exe.

Click OK button.

Close Welcome panel.

Close Task List panel, Connect Mylyn panel and Outline panel on the right.

Let’s create a new java project to print out “Hello, World!”. Don’t worry about any scary technical terminology you encounter. Here we are not trying to become a programmer, we just want to setup a playground to make stuff.

Right click the white area of left panel and select New | Java Project.

Input hello_world as the Project name. Click Next button.

Click Finish button. Now we have an empty Java project in eclipse.

Right click src then click New | Package to create a java package.

Simply accept the default and click Finish button. We can see hello_world on the left Package Explorer panel.

Right click hello_world. Then New | Class to create our first Java class.

Input HelloWorld as Name and check the checkbox of public static void main(String[] args).

Click Finish button. Now we have a runnable java program or app.

Type in a line of code

System.out.println("Hello, World!");

So the whole file looks like

package hello_world;public class HelloWorld {    public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println("Hello, World!");

Click the top left round green Run button to run the app.

The output “Hello, World!” appears in the bottom Console panel.

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