Golden Thumb Parenting Tips 金拇指育兒秘笈[004]

Finger gymnastics on keyboard

Should “reading and writing” be replaced by “reading and typing”? Who cares since sooner or later everyone can write and type. However playing with keyboard means so much for little kids.

If you have never heard of “typing club”, go ahead together with your kids, now. It’s completely free and you don’t even need to register an account to use it. Yes, not many websites provide such convenience.

Want to try coding? Typing is the prerequisite. There is no reason why we shouldn’t start as early as possible.

Oliver, 5 years old, has no experience of keyboard and mouse.

He follows the instruction easily the first time he tries to type.

He gets 100% accuracy with a reasonable typing speed, the 2nd time he practises his left index finger, right index finger and right thumb.

He might be exhausted so he has a huge snack after taking a shower.

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1-on-1 tutor of chosen kids

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Golden Thumb

Golden Thumb

1-on-1 tutor of chosen kids

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