Five Steps to Create a Chess App 1/5

Step 1: creating an Xcode project from scratch

WARNING: This is not a tutorial, because it doesn’t bother to answer a single “why?”. It simply shows one way, not even a good one, of doing something. And at the end if it actually triggers tons of “why?” in your mind, it does its job then. It might help you check if Xcode is a fun learning tool for your kids though.

When it is finished in step 5, two people can use it to play chess.

However if you don’t want to stop at step 5 you can keep going …

You can either follow the video or this article.

Without further ado, let’s start from scratch. You can see the Desktop is empty now. We’ll create an Xcode project here.

an empty Desktop, will create Xcode project here

Launch Xcode and click “Create a new Xcode project”.

click “Create a new Xcode project”

We use the default “Single View App” under “iOS”. Click “Next” button to continue.

click “Next” button to continue

Input “Chess” as product name. Select “Storyboard” as user interface. Then click “Next” button to continue.

User Interface: Storyboard

Select “Desktop” to create this Xcode project. Click “Create” button to continue.

will create Xcode project in Desktop folder

In Finder it looks like:

there is a new folder “Chess” inside Desktop now

This empty app is runnable already. Click the black triangle at top left will execute this Chess app in simulator. But let’s switch to an iPad simulator first.

newly created Xcode project “Chess”

Click “iPhone 11 Pro Max” on the left side of the top bar. And select “iPad Pro (9.7-inch)”.

select a small iPad simulator

Nothing exciting here. Just a white empty screen.

when launched, this app shows an white screen




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